One 8 oz. bottle slip treats two tubs or up to 25 sq. ft. of shower tile. NFSI Certified High Traction. Economical 1" X60 ft. NFSI Certified High Traction. 26% + discount. In stock, quick ship. Order online.
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Our anti slip treatments and our anti slip tapes are Certified “High Traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
Many of our floor care products are UL® Classified for slip resistance

If there are any other questions or issues you need an answer to or help with, please e-mail us at

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is my credit card information?
Your credit card information is totally secure. It is protected by Network Solutions Secure Sockets Layer. This system utilizes the internet's strongest security technologies, including Secure Socket Layer (SSL), to insure your information is safe guarded from the moment you enter it until your transaction is completed. SSL is the latest internet security protocol that encrypts your data to prevent eavesdropping, tampering, or message forgery. We do not store any of your credit card data on our computers so you have to re-enter the data each time you order from our site. Therefore, you can rest assured that your data is not being stored on our computers and not available to any unauthorized user.
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Placing Orders. How do I place an order?
To place an order just point to a category, find your product, enter the order quantity and click on the cart. Then go to "check out" and submit your information.
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Minimums. Is there a minimum order?
No, We have no minimum orders on all domestic US and Canadian orders.
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Returns. How do I return an item(s)?
E-mail us at with your request. We'll give you a Return Authorization Number(RAN) number and proper return instructions. See our Return Policy for more details.
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How do you Ship?
UPS on most orders.
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Catalogue. Can I get a catalogue by mail?
Yes, contact us to request a catalogue.
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P/Os. Do you accept Purchase Orders?
We accept Purchase Orders two ways. The first is you may order online using a PO and pay by major credit card or charge account or through our website which services our dealer, distributor and OEM customer base. Through our website we do accept all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, and American Express). Please do add a PO No. to your order as a reference note.
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Searching. How do I find a product?
You can search for any product on our site search on our home page or via the "Products" categories on near the top of each page which has a drop down menu with product sub categories
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Payment. How do I pay for my purchases?
You can pay by major credit card (MasterCard, Visa, and American Express).
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Volume Discounts. Is there a large quantity discount?
Yes. If your volume requirement is significantly larger than the volume discounts shown on our site, merely e-mail us directly so we may submit a volume quote to you directly. Typically you will receive your volume quote the same day.
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Changes. Can I add or delete items from my order if I change my mind?
Once you submit an order, you can make changes by e-mailing us at and giving us your order number. We'll make every effort to adjust your order, unless it has already been processed and shipped.
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Approval. How are orders approved?
Your credit card number is assigned to your order within our system and will be charged before we ship the goods to you via UPS. If there is a problem with processing your credit card number you will be notified in a timely manner, usually the same day or next business day.
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Confirmation. How are orders confirmed?
You'll get an immediate confirmation on-screen plus an order number, which you can print out. A follow-up e-mail confirmation with your order information will also be sent.
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Canceling. What if I want to cancel an order?
You need to send an e-mail to Most orders go straight to our warehouse and we may not be able to intercept them in time. If you pass the cancellation point, then contact us when the order arrives about returning it. See our Return Policy for all the specifics.
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Shipping area. Do you ship outside the U.S. and Canada?
We ship within the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. If you are inquiring from outside the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, please inquire through our website or e-mail us at: Please advise us which country you are located in so that we can forward your inquiry to our local distributor for follow up. If your interest is in becoming a No Skidding dealer or distributor, please advise us of the country that is of interest. If we do not already have distribution in place, we would be pleased to discuss the opportunity with you. If we do have a master distributor in place, there may indeed be the opportunity for your company to become a sub-distributor or dealer within such a market. We are always looking for distributors in markets that we currently do not have distribution and our established master distributors are always looking for regional dealers or sub distributors within their respective markets. Please e-mail for product inquiries or dealer inquiries outside of North America.
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Shipping costs. How much will shipping cost?
We ship via UPS and your shipping cost will be calculated based upon UPS's current shipping costs upon check out.
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How will I know if my order shipped?
A. Once your order has shipped, we'll send you an e-mail to let you know that your order is on its way. You may also check the status using the My Account link at the top of your screen, and choosing the Order History option.
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Will I be able to track my order after it has been shipped?
A. We'll give you the tracking number of your order when we e-mail your shipping notification. You'll be able to track your order through links provided at Your tracking number will also be available on the Order History page. Use the link located at the top of the page, and choose the Order History option.
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Timing. How long do orders take to arrive?
We normally ship the next business day. You can check the status of any order by e-mailing us at or by selecting the order status from the Customer Service/Help menu. Please be sure to give us your order number.
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MSDS. Can I get an MSDS?
For coatings and chemicals, you should consult the MSDS for that product before you use it. MSDS are sent with your orders. If you have misplaced the MSDS that is sent with your shipment or need to view an MSDS before ordering, please e-mail us at
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Privacy. Do you share or sell customer data?
We don't share information with or sell data to 3rd parties. We collect your contact and billing information to process and ship your orders and send you information about when requested or necessary.
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Credentials. How long have you been in business?
Since 1993 our parent company, No Skidding Products Inc. has been a pioneer in the development, manufacture and distribution of the most comprehensive and innovative range of slip resistant products available anywhere. No Skidding® products are distributed in over forty countries around the world. is the e-commerce site for No Skidding Products Inc., specifically for our North American customers.
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Password. What if I forget my TPW site password?
Simply tell us which e-mail address you used to create your account and we will e-mail your password to you. Forgot your password?
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Will my working order be saved if there is a power failure or I accidentally switch off my computer?
If you were logged in under your account, your order will be saved.
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Applying & Testing No Skidding slip resistance in Dallas, Texas