One 8 oz. bottle slip treats two tubs or up to 25 sq. ft. of shower tile. NFSI Certified High Traction. Economical 1" X60 ft. NFSI Certified High Traction. 26% + discount. In stock, quick ship. Order online.
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Our anti slip treatments and our anti slip tapes are Certified “High Traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
Many of our floor care products are UL® Classified for slip resistance


Anti-Slip Tapes

Anti-Slip Safety Tapes
We offer the most complete range of slip-resistant floor safety tapes in the industry.  Our anti slip safety tapes MEET OR EXCEED:  OSHA Spec 1910.24 Stair tread, OSHA Spec 1910.26 Ladder Rungs, Military Spec Mil-D-17951E-Ships, Military Spec Mil-W-5044C-Type IV, Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #302. Certified High Traction by the NFSI.
  • Our anti slip tapes are all manufactured using the highest quality raw materials that result in a durable application that is resistant to heavy traffic, water and grease.
  • Our tapes provide a consistent co-efficient of friction with easy installation.
  • Installation involves simply position, peel-off the release liner and apply to a clean, dry, oil free surface.
  • Our low profile tapes help prevent edge curl and install over most sealed surfaces.
  • For volume discounts, custom and OEM applications, distributor or export opportunities with our anti-slip tapes in overseas markets, please inquire through our reseller website: 
Please inquire about other sizes and colors not shown here. Custom sizes for OEM applications are our specialty. 
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Anti Slip Tapes Catalog.

NS5100B Series Anti-Slip High Traction Safety Tape - 60 Grit - Black
NS5100B black is a durable and economical 60 grit choice for most commercial & industrial indoor and outdoor requirements for anti-slip tape. Provides a consistent co-efficient of friction with easy installation. Certified High Traction by NFSI.
Anti Slip Safety Tape
Economical and easy to apply anti slip high traction tape that applies firm traction and durable protection. Suitable for a multitude of surfaces. Full range of colors including hazard stripe and also clear grit tape. Certified High Traction by NFSI.
Anti Slip Strips and Cleats - Grit, Resilient, Vinyl
Full range of anti slip strips and cleats in various grit sizes, colors, textures. Also includes glow-in-the-dark or reflective stripes and "Caution" or "Watch Your Step" legends. Economical, durable and easy to install.
Black Grit, Silicon Carbide NS5200B Series anti slip tape is our premium high traction series that helps to ensure an OSHA compliant environment.
Anti-Slip Safety Tape Black suitable for industrial areas, ramps, dock areas, boat decks, walkways, stairwells, work areas, machine shops, industrial equipment, trucks & trailers, and hundreds of OEM applications. 80 Grit. Certified High Traction by NFSI.
NS5300B Series Coarse Anti-Slip High Traction - 46 Grit - Silicon Carbide
NS5300B Coarse is a long lasting and chemical resistant product used around the world in OEM applications requiring a consistent, reliable excellent quality anti slip product. NFSI certified for high traction. Meets prop 65. ADA & OSHA standards.
NS5600B Anti Slip Mop Friendly Black Grit Tape
NS5600B Mop Friendly Black Grit Tape is a commercial grade aluminum oxide non-slip tape that has been designed to meet OSHA standards for commercial purpose anti-slip surface applications. This grit tape is mop friendly. NFSI Certified High Traction.
NS5700B Series Conformable Black or Yellow/Black Diagonal Anti-Slip Tape for irregular surfaces
Conformable Foil Backed Anti-Slip Grit Tape for use on irregular surfaces & can be bent or angled to fit any contour or irregular shape. Tape can be conformed using a rubber mallet. Available in rolls & cleats. Available Black or Yellow/Black Diagonal.
NS5900 Heavy-Duty Industrial Grit Tape and Cleats
Heavy-Duty Industrial Grit Tape and Cleats are engineered for heavy-duty industrial environments including offshore marine applications, oil & gas rigs, heavy traffic areas, work areas, loading docks, stairways, ramps & walkways, bleachers...
NS45000 Series - Anti Slip Resilient Tape - Black, Grey or Clear
Engineered from a unique slip-resistant rubberized material that is comfortable enough for bare foot traffic, yet tough enough to withstand heavy boot, shoe, or cart traffic. Available in clear, black or grey.
NS4000 Series - Anti Slip Vinyl Tape, White or Clear (Tubs & Showers)
Ideal for tubs & showers. Easy to clean and barefoot friendly. Applications include: Showers, bathtubs, pool steps, aquatic equipment. White or clear in many widths, shower & bathmats & custom. For more aggressive texture order NS4400 or NS4500 series.
Anti Slip Vinyl Safety Tape
NS4400 is constructed from a non-mineral, coarse-textured, slip-resistant vinyl surface that has our water-resistant, acrylic adhesive that is ideal for wet conditions and barefoot friendly. For finer texture order our NS4000 series.
Anti Slip Vinyl Bathmats
Our Anti-Slip Vinyl Bathmats, Shower mats and Strips have been used in hospitals, hotels, motels, and residences for years. Easy to install, clean and aesthetically pleasing. Available in a number of stocked sizes, 16"X34", 16"X40", 24"X24" and custom.
NS4200PH Series-Glow in the Dark Slip Resistant Grit Safety Tape
Anti slip tapes that offer excellent slip resistant properties and also photo-luminescent so they absorb and store energy from ambient fluorescent light, and become immediately visible in event of a blackout.
NS4300PH  Anti-Slip Premium Photoluminescent Grit Tape
Flexible laminated film that absorb and store energy from ambient light. In the event of a power failure or power outage these tapes are immediately visible thereby providing people with a clearly illuminated evacuation route.
edge sealing compoud
Liquid, solvent-based sealer protects exposed edges of slip-resistant tapes and treads from excessive moisture or liquids.
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No Skidding® Rubber Anti-Slip Tape Rollers
Price: CAD$8.95
Item Number: NS5RR-1
No Skidding® Rubber Anti-Slip Tape Rollers
No Skidding® Rubber Anti-Slip Tape Rollers help increase the durability of your anti-slip tape or floor marking tape application by applying pressure to the surface that increases the bond between the adhesive & surface the tape is being to.
Rubber Mallet, 16 oz
Price: CAD$7.83
Item Number: NS57-S/RM
Rubber Mallet, 16 oz
When applying our foil backed conformable anti slip tape onto irregular surfaces or diamond tread plate use our soft rubber mallet to ensure the tape follows the contours of the irregular surface..